Ideas For Your People and Patrons for The People

Dimes and Judas discuss a recent controversy involving the author CA Bond and his publisher Imperium Press on the topic of secretive funding of ecelebs as a force magnifier. This evolves into a discussion of the book Rise of Christianity by Rodney Stark, and how big ideas spread through interpersonal networking while attracting the acceptance […]

#135 – Everything that Exists without my Credit Exists Without my Consent [alpha build]

Dimes and Judas discuss the recent American withdrawal from Afghanistan and the constellation of rotten takes emerging as a result, the hidden or rebranded degeneracy lurking behind many anti-American psyops and memes, the horse gravy factory to horse graveyard molestation pipeline, a Black Nazi autobiography, and the Chatlottesvile Protest anniversary.

Ghostbusting Our Civilization’s Center & The Prism of Communal Myth

Dimes and Judas discuss the book “Anthropomorphics: The Originary Grammar of the Center” by Dennis Bouvard and delve into a fascinating hypothesis in how everything from vast empires to nomadic tribes are founded on the mythical value-sets existing between our world and the world of the unknown, how that lead to the creation of communication, […]

Reign of Quantity: Shivs in the Modernist Entropy Prison

Dimes and Judas discuss the book Reign of Quantity & The Signs of the Times by René Guénon, focusing primarily on Western civilization’s disassociation with the spiritual and metaphysical world – and the interplay of dependency between them – and its separation from everyday life and action, ushering in what Guénon calls the Reign of […]