#56 – ASMR Holiday Jude Novelty Takes Extravaganza [His Name Was Jarvis Cocker repeat]

I’m half ass out the door to Montreal so let’s make this brief, we’re talking Trump impeachment, we’re talking Boris election, Judas is sick and has a cool flu voice, Dimes was baptised, Red Dead Redemption 2 update [boomer time warp] and some fuccin riffs. Subscribe Below to Get Access to the Episode

#52 – The Intersection of Noticing and Punishment [if it pleases the court mode]

Dimes and Judas do a real banter about being banned from Milo’s telegram channel, the strange case of Robert Champagne, Don Cherry being fired over the immigrant poppy incident, and the rest of it is a whole how-do-you-do about “deradicalization” and the step-by-step process of how people get to this place. It’s full of mirth. […]

#51 – Griftghost Busters All Gay-Soldier Reboot [Greatest Allies ONLY]

Day late and a dollar extra, blame daylight savings time. In this one we discuss political mobilization tactics for everyone on the right, there’s some offensive bits at the top, Milo Yiannopolous vs. Jordan Peterson, Gameshark, and race dynamics in far-right communities. I’m probably missing some shit cause I’m trying to get this out quick […]