#117 – Axiom Friggia [tha r3v0lut10n w1ll b3 f3ll4v1s3d]

Dimes and Judas have a whale of a time talking about the latest Syrian mass murder in relation the media narratives betting on it being white, hating on Milo Yiannopolous trying to be straight, the Syrian grocery store shooting, Chinese supremacy warnings, the Faustian imperative of Europeans, dealing with problematic clients, and more!

#116 – Scrambling for a Thesaurus to Search for Gang [t0c4tch4r3dd1t0r]

Judas (Yood) and Dimes (Die) And You (Fan) explore the book Democracy: The God that Failed by Hans Herman Hoppe. It’s about libertarianism + nationalism, and the misconceptions therein. There’s also some bits about Italian KKK, Hannibal Lecter defending Military Traitors, Women hating movies Men like, and MORE JUST LISTEN!

#115 – Parallel Dimension N Towers Plus Pregnant Chad [y000000pe]

The BOLG (BAD OPTICS LEAF GODS) BOYZ discuss many things, first off the breakdown of insurrectionist warfare care of the books Counterinsurgency Warfare by David Galula and 4th Generational Warfare by Will Lind. Also there’s parts about Blacks Vs. Asians, the tribulations of starting a Right Wing political party, and dunking on Jamaicans in Toronto.