#133 – Fedpost With Your Fists [centerofgravitHE]

It’s a banner day at the BOLG Compound as Dimes and Judas dive into the recent incest scandal with Chris Chan, tell f*male stories, Sopranos Holocaust Fanfic, the bane of sodium, and a discussion of the book “Anthropomorphics: The Originary Grammar of the Center” by Dennis Bouvard primarily the relationship of ancient civilizations with the […]

NRx: CyberSchizo Cathedral Conference

 Dimes and Judas – the Bad Optics Leaf Gods – dive into the history of the Neoreactionary/NRx movement popularized in the early 2010s and prior, citing some anecdotes from the time reviewing work primarily from Mencius Moldbug’s (Curtis Yarvin) Unqualified Reservations, and Fanged Noumena by Nick Land. References: Unqualified Reservations: https://bit.ly/3kt2xUb Fanged Noumena: https://bit.ly/3xJAvHX Game Clip: […]

#131 – Felted Lindywaffen LLC [cyb3rschiz0c4p1tal1smm4n]

In this one the Bad Optics Leaf Gods tread some familiar ground off the dome before exploring the Neoreactionary/NRx phenomenon, primarily through the work of Mencious Moldbug (Curtis Yarvin) and Nick Land. There’s also a review of the very bad Tomorrow War movie, dreams of a better class of prostitute, The New Cross house fire […]

#129 – He Dreamt of Firing Squads in the Based Jail and Trans Assassins [worstgenocideever]

The Boyz launch into a tirade on the recent alleged Aboriginal Child Genocide and it’s pretty much what you’d imagine. Additionally, a review of The Quiet Place 2, a discussion on new techniques used by scammers to control your online profiles, a George Floyd race-swap movie pitch, the pitfalls of being an online personality as […]