#133 – Fedpost With Your Fists [centerofgravitHE]

It’s a banner day at the BOLG Compound as Dimes and Judas dive into the recent incest scandal with Chris Chan, tell f*male stories, Sopranos Holocaust Fanfic, the bane of sodium, and a discussion of the book “Anthropomorphics: The Originary Grammar of the Center” by Dennis Bouvard primarily the relationship of ancient civilizations with the […]

#131 – Felted Lindywaffen LLC [cyb3rschiz0c4p1tal1smm4n]

In this one the Bad Optics Leaf Gods tread some familiar ground off the dome before exploring the Neoreactionary/NRx phenomenon, primarily through the work of Mencious Moldbug (Curtis Yarvin) and Nick Land. There’s also a review of the very bad Tomorrow War movie, dreams of a better class of prostitute, The New Cross house fire […]

#129 – He Dreamt of Firing Squads in the Based Jail and Trans Assassins [worstgenocideever]

The Boyz launch into a tirade on the recent alleged Aboriginal Child Genocide and it’s pretty much what you’d imagine. Additionally, a review of The Quiet Place 2, a discussion on new techniques used by scammers to control your online profiles, a George Floyd race-swap movie pitch, the pitfalls of being an online personality as […]