Honk Over Exit: The Canadian Trucker Freedom Rally

In this clip, Dimes and Judas discuss the Freedom Rally trucker protest in Canada against vaccine mandates. Pulling from recent reports and Trudeau fleeing to Saddam Hussein’s bunker, they build towards a breakdown of the book “Exit, Voice, and Loyalty” by Albert O. Hirschman and explore the methods individuals can take when attempting to enact […]

#157 – Questions are just Answers in a Hat [jan29202202]

 Dimes and Judas tackle the recent trucker convoy protest hitting Ottawa as of the publishing of this episode, pairing it with the book “Exit, Voice, and Loyalty” by Albert O. Hirschman and the benefits of persistent and unreasonable activism for change, as opposed to mass exiting as punishment. They also discuss the irony of […]

#156 – Diamond Hands on the Shot Caller Newman NFT [Eiffel_65_Hitler_Mix.wav]

This episode sees Dimes and Judas discussing brain hemispheres being occupied by duelling souls, heroin addicts kidnapping Charlie Kirk as a Skyrim quest, the value of horniness in the Leaf Reich, the Lean Startup model as mental and political health, and Pickle Rick Fuentes. They then discuss three books – The Prince by Machiavelli, The […]

#155 – Tek Samurai Dramatically Reveals Bulletproof Vest With Abby Shapiro Feet Painted On [or, shorter title]

Dimes and Judas have a whopper of a time rehashing how bad the new Eternals movie was while laying out how to structure a compelling story in terms of scene construction and story beats. They then discuss the latest debate between E Michael Jones and Vaush on the topic of whether porn is a destructive […]

Canada Has No Law, Only Stories

Dimes and Judas discuss the history and unique nature of Canadian law, showing how it doesn’t reinforce larger civilizational or societal norms but rather acts as a giant bureaucratic machine to engineer a best-case scenario or chosen groups and is largely handled on a case-by-case basis. They also explore how easier it is to trick […]

#154 – The Roman Balaal Corporative Gets Upbernied [trotskeetidk]

Dimes and Judas talk about internet debating in a just world hostile to all research, paying egirls to be publicly sacrificed to drunk schizos, and designing an end to endless discourse. They also discuss the concept of imperialist neoliberalism, and Dimes describes his research into the nature of Canadian law (essentially globalist law,) laying down […]

Napoleon’s Wars and the Fractals of Total Politics

Dimes (talky one) and Judas (sassy one) discuss the book “Napoleon’s Wars” by Charles Esdaile and explore the impact Napoleon’s conquest of Europe and how, despite his thirst for glory and power, he was still exporting the values of the French Revolution against the old order. This forever changed the power dynamics on the continent […]

#153 – Serial Killer Chandler Bing Has Gone FloydMao [napole-leon]

Dimes and Judas celebrate New Years Day while demanding immediate commerce from people who downplayed the social significance of Covid or thought it was not worthy of righteous freakout in 2021. They also review the worst movie of 2021- Matrix Resurrections – and pitch a new version of the horror movie Antlers. They then explore […]