#34 – Bad Optics Leaf Gods Solve the Unemployment Crisis [Creativity Cargo Cults Stay Blown the Owned Out]

the boys in sound body and mind try to figure out how to get everyone jobs unlike the HAG andrew yang. they also discuss the toronto raptors winning basketball, dimes goes off on marketing and creative “types” in the industry, and refugees defecating in hallways in toronto. Subscribe Below to Get Access to the Episode […]

#15 – Grocery Store Scotch Boys Vs. The Luddites [Avro Arrow Fan Edit]

Judas a problem with hipster luddites gumming up his Instagram feed, and gives us a history lesson on Canada’s USS Liberty Incident, the Avro Arrow. They also wrap up the Jussie Smollett thing with predictions like anybody cares at this point, and the boys talk shop about branding tips and competitive marketplaces, including hot insider […]