#63 – Sordid Worms Missioned Towards a Soul Comma Florid [ok pt. 2 pt.3 PArt 4 PAART fdsfdadf]

Back on track, a lot is covered in this one. The BOLG Boys are talking about Spicy Judas’ baby, The Matrix being trans, purity spiraling, n word stuff, ideas for how the far right can stop murdering itself, and a bunch of bits and unfunny riffs soldiering themselves right up in there (that ass.) Subscribe […]

#56 – ASMR Holiday Jude Novelty Takes Extravaganza [His Name Was Jarvis Cocker repeat]

I’m half ass out the door to Montreal so let’s make this brief, we’re talking Trump impeachment, we’re talking Boris election, Judas is sick and has a cool flu voice, Dimes was baptised, Red Dead Redemption 2 update [boomer time warp] and some fuccin riffs. Subscribe Below to Get Access to the Episode

#23 – Racism is Actually Pretty Fun and Cool [CERTIFIED ORIGONAL EPISODE]

Dimes and Judas discuss the criminalization of the abstract concept of hate, and justify the valid existence of racism. Dimes was also banned from Twitter, defends Gavin McInnes, and he gives us part 2 of his marriage course recap and totally forgets about the joke that was supposed to be at the end (foolish.) Subscribe […]