#77 – Give Them Nibbaz Dubstep Mouth [SLEEPY RANNT ZYOB]

This is a Dimes-heavy rant episode concerning the latest riots in Minneapolis and elsewhere, as well as the recent “Karen” dog incident, all tied in with a new book report for Days of Rage and an investigation to leftist domestic terrorism through the 60s/70s/80s. It’s mostly about leftism, black revolutionary politics, the intersection between the […]

#41 – Mr. Ponzi’s Radicalization Funhouse [terminally yikespilled ONLY]

Dimes N Judas talk about the linguistic game to tether the word “radicalization” solely to white movements, Judas gives us the third part of the Hong Kong protest report, Dimes talks about a dope he knows who tried to get everyone into a ponzi scheme, and there’s a whole part discussing Your Ward News and […]