#59 – Intrepid Freaks Projected Upon Cold Portals [WW3 Fails To Ruin Non-Binary Day]

Sneaking this in at the 11th hour so nobody is allowed to get the guff shovels. In this episode the BOLG boys get into everything going on with Iran and this cool new world war, #IAmNonBinary trending strongly in Canada, Dimes is getting into tartar sauce and has some final thoughts on Knives Out, and […]

#30 – The Right Mouth for the Right Frown [Finale of the Clearly Drunk Arc]

Lauren Southern’s retirement, Rebel Media’s zionism, gender-based argument optics, and addressing the lies of the migrant crisis way after anyone cares. Dimes also does some of that “back in the day” stuff about weird white guys controlling everything.  This concludes the arc of episodes where everyone is way too drunk and belligerent, and there are […]