#52 – The Intersection of Noticing and Punishment [if it pleases the court mode]

Dimes and Judas do a real banter about being banned from Milo’s telegram channel, the strange case of Robert Champagne, Don Cherry being fired over the immigrant poppy incident, and the rest of it is a whole how-do-you-do about “deradicalization” and the step-by-step process of how people get to this place. It’s full of mirth. […]

#48 – Jagmeet Will Make Nuclear Pussy Mandatory [Rape Jury Duty]

This one is pretty aimless and we will do better next time. The boys once again discuss the Canadian elections, Raver being enthusiastically molested, mono-racial extraterrestrials demanding genocide for interstellar travel, and then a bunch of stories about screaming at women and calling them whores, and Judas meeting a Jewish stereotype. Subscribe Below to Get […]