#63 – Sordid Worms Missioned Towards a Soul Comma Florid [ok pt. 2 pt.3 PArt 4 PAART fdsfdadf]

Back on track, a lot is covered in this one. The BOLG Boys are talking about Spicy Judas’ baby, The Matrix being trans, purity spiraling, n word stuff, ideas for how the far right can stop murdering itself, and a bunch of bits and unfunny riffs soldiering themselves right up in there (that ass.) Subscribe […]

#13 – Meat God of the Down Syndrome Blockchain [Solving Pedophilia]

Dimes flexes his limited knowledge of blockchain technology while they are trying to figure out what to do with all this pedophilia. Also, left vs. right debates suck, women are selfish with abortion, and people on the right who keep trending towards cult leaders are a real bummer. Subscribe Below to Get Access to the […]