Dogfucking Alcoholic

About Me

“As My man John Lennon said, try love. No war, no hate, everyone choose love for one day and see what happens. As my man also said, Woman is the Nigger of the World. And I truly believe that. I think about it often.”

I walked around with a cum crusted gun. We were raised our whole lives to be vaguely violent but whenever we came to face to face in a streetfight we would just pose at each other. Precisely half of us crafted bombastic personalities and precisely the other half made guerilla shows to interview us about it.

Bi g Dick STatus

Reading ``On the Road`` sarcastically

Yelled at 1000+ Women

Bought a Family Size Tub of Relish on 9/11

On the Fence about Lars Von Trier.

Doesn't Cross The Road When Black Youths Walk Towards Him At Night; Kisses Them On The Mouth.

``any kid not beating off can eat my ass``

``literally anyone who has sex with women should get money from the jewish government``

``short men should not have the right to vote``

Employee Profile

Height: average, who cares it's not even important.

Education: phd of pussy eating at the SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS

Hobbies: liveleak and adderall

Favorite quote: 'They didn't check the pussies and assholes of the Sandy Hook victims cause they know what they'd find. They'd find ya boy with the rosy cheeks staring back at them. You know what I mean?'

Favorite Sport: political anime