#161 – The 1790 Hell’s Angels to George Lincoln Rockwell to Grover Norquist Pipeline [draftDRAFT]

Dimes and Judas discuss Leftists movements throughout the 20th Century through the lens of The Green Book by Muammar Gaddafi, exploring his nuanced view on how both private property and religion force his otherwise progressive socialist views to evolve to meet specific geopolitical demands. There’s a review of the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie where neurodivergent diversity hires get slaughtered by hulking inbred /oursavage/. Dimes betrays his Enlightened Third Position tendency to be an ironypoisoned contrarian and weighs in on the recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine, setting the tone for all opinions going forward. While denouncing all little girls who take political spotlight, they then discuss the book Manufacturing Consent by Noam Chomsky, focusing on Dimes who says it is a piece of trash made by the newly identified class of Anarcho-Shitlib.

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