#167 – No Trad Stupidly Huge Hipped Huba Hubba Awooga Mommy Milkers Fed Ever Called ME The P Word

After tending to the fallout from the last episode and debating if the cast of Shot Caller could defeat a team of Samurai in combat, the BOLG boys discuss the TLC reality show where a grown woman has the body of a child, thus introducing a wretched new front in the widely despised age of consent debate. After that they discuss the babies raised under Covid being a civilization breaking tragedy, being broken up with by your school, a flimsy case against germ theory, and China launching a rover on Mars and immediately landing on a Chinese baby. Finally, they dive into the book “The Black Swan” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, and lay out an organizational strategy for business, government, and radical movements that attempts to practically address the problems of volatility, uncertainty, and information overload, all of which sit very low on the priority list of leaders.

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