#169 – I Am Nude I Stan Myself I Am Arrested I Will @ack Professionals

Rip the skeleton living inside your wall out, it’s content arrival. First off, Dimes and Judas talk about how corrupted and inverted cities will invert once more in a future dominated by content-obsessed NYC black spree shooters and people’s total abandonment of media analysis. After discovering the Looney Tunes loophole for making direct threats, they then discuss the recent Mike Ma biopic Nitram, based on eccentric surfer Martin Bryant and the Port Arthur mass shooting from 1992. Lastly, they discuss the book “Coup d’État: A Practical Handbook” by Edward Luttwak and explore not only historical examples of successful and unsuccessful government uprisings, but how one is practically organized and drill down into how one would need to approach executing one in the 21st century West.

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