#176: “Lettuce, Cheese, and Start Pondering Some People Out.”

After a review of the current media acceptances of both the Great Replacement Theory’s popularity and the unignorable Everything Shortage, the Boyz recounts a recent penitentiary tour and the decision that Dimes could easily thrive in a Canadian prison, especially in the special teepees they apparently have. Then, they take a tour through quantum mechanics with the book “Reality is Not What it Seems: The Journey to Quantum Gravity” by Carlo Rovelli, explaining how the evolution of our understanding of the fundamental forces of the universe coupled with our current models presents exciting new paradigms for how to address our problems. They even talk about spinfoam, holy as the crow flies! At the very end, in the latest segment of The Copepranos Society, Dimes interviews Faust, a notorious but charming Dutch nationalist, and they kick up all sorts of soot about wanting to lift up Britain and hurl it into America, how to survive being doxed, the innerworkings of European nationalist movements, and conquering the stars as an extension of the Faustian spirit.
Music from James Peers: https://bit.ly/3mhsANP

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