#186 – Strangers With Invisible Hands

Dimes and Judas are pulling rabbits out of hats throughout, discussing Gavin McInnes being outed by Owen Benjamin for faking his own public arrest, the implications of the recent AI construct creating art good enough to win a competition, Jackson Mississippi running out of water because Black people don’t understand how time works, and the gladiator simulator Domina being kicked off Steam for styling too hard politically on Discord Race. They then discuss the book “The Origin of Consciousness and the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind” by Julian Jaynes, a fascinating book that proposes a very solid theory of what consciousness is, while arguing that ancient people throughout the world lacked this component of their existence and what changes occurred to bring us to our current level of self-awareness. Lastly, on this edition of the Copepranos Society, Dimes speaks with the revered Dark Enlightenment, and the two discuss Mr. Enlightenment’s love of Canada, why suburbs are a plague on society, a rigid defense of walkable cities, and how a 21st century dissident can practically organize their own village. If you’re not listening to this you pretty much suck.

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  1. bla January 5, 2023 / Reply

    I think that aphantasia? is cured by just taking a bunch of shrooms n stuff since It helped me a whole lot to picture something in my mind and to dream lucidly (and have cases of sleep paralysis that is scary AF that flared up a lot when I worked in a Monk settlement or lived alone in a big city)
    It’s still reeeeeealy hard to see something with my minds eye but there still is, as always, the knowledge of objects and concepts that still can be sensed, just without the visual part that is always just out of reach 99% of the time. My ability to imagine sound is very solid tho.
    Taking shrooms also enables me to see projections of pictures/symbols on walls and blank paper that i can trace with a pencil.
    The visuals are dominated by stained glass, Coats of arms, medieval architecture and all kinds of symbols…
    Oh and the monks i knew told me that taking shrooms n’ stuff is a dangerous shortcut where you are on your own, just like everything that involves spiritual practices that are not endorsed by the bible/church fathers.

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