#187 – Because You Are Gaffe Culture’s Dandiest Chav [“🙃 broke: EST”]

After taking one (1) episode off, Dimes and Judas sort through the wreckage of the Queen’s death from a Canadian perspective and mount a turgid defense of codifying humiliation rituals against your enemies. After merging this miraculously with a Looney Tunes 9/11 Tribute, they review Cinema’s most egregious insult, Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic. After traversing an ocean of riffs and mirth, they discuss the book “Spiteful Mutants” by Prof. Edward Dutton, exploring the negative impacts of low child mortality, the unprecedented propagation of mutated genes, and the myriad of eugenic methods that can be employed to get a handle on this. Lastly on this edition of Copepranos Society, the BOLG boyz sit down with internet’s Alt Skull and they have a blast speaking on the rise of “schizo” accusations in online circles, the legacy of Covid, and then they blast off talking about aliens and hologram worlds. If you’re not having a whale of a time with this episode, you might as well surrender your body to the grass.

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