#189 – How Much Yenbux to Rent an Intelligencia?

In this astounding episode, Dimes provides his review of eldritch-horror-gloryhole-thriller Glorious, and the BOLG boyz mourn both Coolio’s death and Fat America’s Lizzo’s desecration of James Madison’s crystal flute. They then untangle the varied narratives surrounding the apparent sabotage of the Nordstream 2 pipeline and what unforgiving geopolitical realities will emerge for political dissidents, discussing possible future states while citing book “The History of the Kings of Britain” by Geoffrey of Monmouth. Finally on this edition of the Copepranos Society, Dimes speaks with the celebrated The Distributist and they explore what threats exist on the horizon for the Dissident Right (especially regarding young people,) the frequent flareups between Christians and Pagans, and of course the work of GK Chesterton. What does this wise man suggest? You better listen or literally die.

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