#190 – Guess Who’s Goin To Jayle Tonite [“plate and heritage”]

Dimes and Judas have a real tête-à-tête about nuclear war over Ukraine, Kanye West Vs. Every Black American with his endorsement of “White Lives Matter,” Scooby Doo’s Black Shaggy being a sex offender, and famed economist Adam Posen’s hatred of White men believing manufacturing is important. They then dive deep into modern Marxist theory through the book “Incontinence of the Void” by Slavoj Žižek, exploring the connective tissue with the modern Dissident Right’s obsession with ontological realness as well as all the really trippy stuff about metaphysical sexualization. Finally, on this iteration of The Copepranos Society, Dimes speaks with the prolific Thomas777 on the topics of Winston Churchill being loathsome, the 20th century conflict cycle in Historical Time, and whether or not (as GWAR says) America must be destroyed. This episode has everything you could possibly want, it’s actually disgusting.

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