#191 – The Rise And Rise Of Crimes Chat [“perform the projectile skips through salary”]

In fine form after taking a week off, Dimes and Judas discuss Alex Jones fined one billion dollars by the same legal system we are supposed to cheer for its patience towards Darrell Brooks, a nasty digital attack by America’s Alex McNabb, the UK in upheaval after their twentieth Prime Minister trolls proud Albion through self-yeet, and an internal content whistleblower from inside Facebook who details the lengths they go to while avoiding tracking down the most nefarious sex abusers on Earth. By way of a review of Halloween Ends, they build to a discussion of how we both define and combat evil, citing the book “On Resistance to Evil by Force” by Eastern Orthodox philosopher Ivan Ilyin. A strong case is made against modern Christian pacifism while declaring one’s duty to identify and aggress against evil once identified. Lastly in this edition of the Copepranos Society, Dimes sits across from the cool-as-a-cucumber Ryan Turnipseed and they discuss the state of zoomer mentality, corruption in the modern Lutheran church, and precisely why Mormons are uniquely treacherous and slaves to the American police state.

1 comment on “#191 – The Rise And Rise Of Crimes Chat [“perform the projectile skips through salary”]

  1. Gunnison Rose October 23, 2022 / Reply

    McNabb is a wet blanket. His take on their latest podcast was “Nothing is more important than joining a real world organization like the NJP.”
    I think think the activisim these guys are doing is great, but let’s be honest, the only way their political project is ever going to be viable is if if there ideas have mainstream acceptance.
    The DR is blowing a major opportunity right now by not declaring a meme war. I know everyone is banned from Twitter but every youtube video I go to about kanye is full of /our guys/ and black isrialites pushing back against the jewish media. There is also tik tok now, a new platform to take advantage of. Idk it just feels like 2015 again to me only this time we have less to lose. It’s not like kanye is running for president.

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