#192 – Noided, Voided, Freakazoided [“Jaman fio knows accents in the potatoes”]

The BOLG Boyz have been assailed by a submarine of shame, unable to record a new interview of Copepranos Society due to a scheduling crisis and God taking with both hands. In other show, they discuss what John Fetterman vs. Dr. Oz means for the online infuriated, a review of V/H/S 1999 and by extension the rise in Budget Horror paired with romantic drama, and a strategy for how to avoid falling into the “lives matter” psychological framework of our opponents. Lastly, we explore the infiltration of America by Eastern spiritualism throughout the 20th century with the book “Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future” by Seraphim Rose. Here a strong case is made that nihilism has spread throughout American society through the counterculture movement by adopting foreign spiritualism and grafting it onto the dominant religion, and if we are to have a conversation about Christian Nationalism, we must dissect the several flashpoints of subversion that irrevocably changed American Christianity. This is worth your time, I swear on a GUN.

2 comments on “#192 – Noided, Voided, Freakazoided [“Jaman fio knows accents in the potatoes”]

  1. Gunnison Rose October 29, 2022 / Reply

    The purpose of “white lives matter” is to highlight the acts of violence committed almost daily against white people by violent blacks and build a sense of racial solidarity for whites.
    You can say it makes us take the position of the “oppressed” and that’s somehow fitting into the jewish moral framework. Pfff ok Arayn Warrior Thomas 777 if you’re so unoppressed, why do you say the thing you say anonymously?

    • Blood $atellite November 5, 2022 / Reply

      While Thomas777 seems to reject the oppression label, I want to make sure I’m not misunderstood: I believe systems of oppression do exist, I believe there are key actors and institutions responsible for this and they must be addressed, but by thing is saying that the followthrough needs to be to rise above it and tear those down rather than what many Conservatives and Whites do. What they prefer to say is “we are ALL oppressed and that’s true equality,” or they spend their time spinning yarns about historical victimhood for a seat at the table. The Irish are really bad for this, and this is how I see so many Europeans pivoting to see Anglos as their true enemies. So in that sense what I am just trying to do is, while understanding there are agendas committed to White dispossession, we don’t just seek a place at the Oppression Table.

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