#193 – NO NOV NOVEMBER [“get ripe.”]

After a passionate position on Radiohead vs. Arctic Monkeys, Dimes and Judas discuss the Scott Adams Suicide Watch, Canada’s goal of importing 500k immigrants on top of a current population of 1/4, a review of recent horror movie Barbarian, and new propositions of Covid amnesty from the former vaccine stasi. Then, the OLG Boyz dive back into trippy esoterinomics by reviewing the book “The Accursed Share” by Georges Bataille, where they stablish the inevitability of surplus in economic systems, the expansive history of wealth accumulation, and what we can learn from human sacrifice and occult violence to deal with it. Lastly on the Copepranos Society, Dimes meets with popularman Clossington and they discuss everyone’s favorite cyberpunk slam-philosopher, Nick Land. Clossington provides a definitive deep-dive into Land’s most essential work, his controversial worldview, his impact on think-tank-society, and what can be done about the Grey Goo Horizon. It’s the best yeourre gonna find!

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