#195 – Gonna Need a Bigger Shame Cube Cannon [“kid and they going to mog on the line.”]

Dimes and Judas discuss possible reasons for a recent spike in child hospitalizations, Ukraine doing a whoopsie-daisy that almost causes WW3, and the recent collapse of the FTX crypto exchange along with all the exciting goss that is just waiting to be ripped out like copper pipes. This segues into a discussion of the book “Crisis of the European Mind” by Paul Hazard, which focuses on a window of time in the late sixteenth century where the spiritual, philosophical, geopolitical, and financial worlds all experienced a series of paradigm shifts that ultimately gave us what we know today as modern liberalism. By putting the developmental history of Western intellectualism under the microscope, we can accurately pinpoint where things went wrong. Finally, this edition of the Copepranos Society is an interview Dimes did with The Laughing Man for the Sunflower Society podcast, so if you didn’t catch that then it’s concerning transhumanism, artificial intelligence, and the most likely futures for decentralized machine learning.

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