#32 – Driving to Oshawa for a Submarine Sandwich [Infinite Jest Was Never Written conspiracy]

okay so uhhhhhh this one we taLMBOUT how journalism is corrupt, coining Leaf Maximalism, the intro song still rules, and Dimes talks about how marketing messes with your wigwam politically. Subscribe Below to Get Access to the Episode   Timestamps: 00:19 – Pride Weekend & Dyke March 03:28 – If you could come back as […]

#29 – Ballad of The Bad Optics L E A F G O D S [Hangover Bimbos Edition]

It’s a rull barn burner this time. Dimes goes Go Off King on Indian Jirls in Advertising, Far-Right caricatures being more desirable than Left-Wing ones, some back-in-the-day high school suspension stories, and finding employment if you believe race or gender is stacked against you. Subscribe Below to Get Access to the Episode Timecodes: 04:04 Dimes […]