#32 – Driving to Oshawa for a Submarine Sandwich [Infinite Jest Was Never Written conspiracy]

okay so uhhhhhh this one we taLMBOUT how journalism is corrupt, coining Leaf Maximalism, the intro song still rules, and Dimes talks about how marketing messes with your wigwam politically.

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00:19 – Pride Weekend & Dyke March
03:28 – If you could come back as a different thing
07:40 -We godda movement here, women with pony tails, Hitler
23:28 – Danforth shooter, disingenuous interpretations
29:10 – Angry White Cops trope
43:26 – Pathological Empathy
47:07 – Bias Journalism
54:05 – The Science Funding Racket
01:05:33 – “Brand Storytelling”
01:11:19 – The Angry White Man pathologization

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