#33 – DONT DRINK N DAD [intergenerational data v.UH]

where  do we start. this is a derailed riff episode for sure. we talk about war hunger in regards to intergenerational dissociation, race civil wars again, working in a restaurant stories, tornadoes being stupid as all get out, and racist sex rules.

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00:19 – Strauss-Howe Crisis Cycles
08:21 – War of Western Semitism
09:54 Tornado Warnings
12:55 Gun Mouth Noises
18:56 – War won’t be how you think it will be
25:17 – Black pill suppository ; more violence incoming
33:33 – What humans would be like in Space
36:12 – Second Irish Potato famine (1000 years from now)
38:17 – Segregation in space (1 planet per race)
39:01 – Racism of the Boers
44:04 – Dimes’ South African boss at Italian resteraunt
46:55 – Working with Somalis
52:47 – Marketing is shit, guidance counselors
01:00:05 – Racism in the bedroom
01:11:27 – Smash Mouth cover & Chinese superstitions

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