#26 – The Fewture is One Giant False Edged Flag [ONLY SLIGHTLY RACIST EPISOAD]

tHIS one is a real barn burner, and Dimes talks about how to argue with Black People Twitter (which is not all black people btw.)  Got a bit of old childhood stories in here, we discuss the downfall of Sargon of Akkad’s UKIP party, and Dimes outlines his plan for creating a new content paradigm that can kill social media and end the rampant Conservative censorship.

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08:10 Banned from Dank meme’n, wiggeRs

18:30 Robbed the youth of being dumb destructive PoS, Judas’ Dad,

31:53 White school shooters

35:08 Sargoon runs for office

42:28 Does Judas predict Ali Alexander being a faggot?

43:31 SHOAH point and Gavin takedown

47:10 Benny Shapiro next Tucker Carlson in x years

51:46 LBRY / Odysee & Blockchain

01:01:52 Deal with the Devil

01:12:18 The great lie of the internet.

01:14:12 Judas predicts Telegram?

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