#27 – The Repentance Episode [How To Build A Redpill]

We missed last week because we’re a coupla jerks so this is the official “:(” episode to say we are sorry. It’s also the official anti-white episode to balance everything out. In this the fellaz go off about how to redpill a loved one, humankind’s propensity for existential brinksmanship, artificial intelligence, and how fringe minority groups can hijack entire societies. Also, there’s some bits in there.

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00:19 Judas and Asian waterheaters
11:51 Wedding lore and inseminations (Chakras aligned, Demons excised)
18:49 Humanity seeking it’s own doom and subsequent correction (A.I.)
22:05 Judas makes pitch for Butlerian Jihad
23:38 Need for new autistic shit coin shillin’ Pope (all in on Ethereum)
27:28 History shaped by the unexpected people (democratization of tech and it’s possibilities)
33:01 Power & Elite Theory
39:22 The excommunication of Laura Loomer, Jacob Wohl, and Sargoon
44:37 Crowder Slam
51:50 Israel, Russia and Mueller Report
01:03:43 Mexican guy named Nacho, Spaghetti Luigi
01:05:06 How easy is it to get something criminalized?
01:09:05 Movie Bob and IQ tests

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