#35 – The Mafia was a Hoax [EpsteinUFO.exe]

Judas and Dimes tell some stories about freaking out on people in public, Bob Lazar and UFO theories, the insane parallel legal systems in Canada, and they give some thoughts on the Epstein thing like good boys.

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00:18 – Judas’ Brother
06:17 – Dimes Gets Suspended from LinkedIn
14:55 0 Black women are a Personified Tantrum
16:23 – Judas calls a guy a Cockroach
18:16 – Dinner after the Lion King
22:16 – Working with Indian women
27:40 – Canadian Legal System and Sharia Courts
33:33 – The Canadian Constitution
37:13 – Epstein in court (Judas predicts the ending)
41:31 – James Bond Pizzagate
50:19 – Riffing on UFOs and Bob Lazar
57:03 – CIA crack dealers
58:55 – American Navy pilots see UFOs / China angle
01:02:13 – What’s the motive; Maybe it’s Christ?

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