#102 – Faustian NGO Vorepocalypse [pniisgsger volleybolt]

Look here, we’re talking about children’s’ hosts being whores, Joe Biden and Trump being Turkish Ice Cream, Lynchian Tyson Vs. Jones, a review of the documentaries Feels Good Man vs. >tfw no gf, and a whole end piece about Decline of the West by Oswald Spengler. It’s an all timer, shut your frigging eyes.

11:07 – Twatter Hustle Talk
21:00 – Black Excellence and Community Standards
27:30 – Lil Joey and Big Donnie
39:40 – Media Time
47:00 – Pepe La Frog
55:44 – Incells
1:12:51 – Decline of the West Book Review

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