Electromagnetic Nihilism: Powerless Heroes of a Flat World

Dimes and Judas review the first few parts of the documentary The Lost History of Flat Earth, an multi-part 6-hour investigation on everything from the secret global mud flood to gravity being a lie. They use this as a springboard to seriously discuss the philosophy of nihilism, primarily citing the books “Nihilism” by Nolen Gertz […]

#151 – The Joe Rogan/Joe Biden Body Swap Theory [n0de557]

The BOLG Boyz kick the can around about trolling Richard Spencer at 3 AM as the New York Times, the practicality of having a multi-generational family home when every other generation sucks, a recent debate where someone defended being a cuckold as achieving divinity, and Arthur Shopenhauer’s work The World as Will and Representation in […]

#149 – Guy With Neutral Face Bashfully Looking Off Camera [leafscore]

 Dimes and Judas discuss the recent racially-motivated attack on a Christmas parade in Waukesha, connecting that to the recent Ahmaud Arbery trial and discussing the wider role of guns where Rights meets Action (understanding that the people have guns is to use them, not just as some abstract principle.) They also review the latest […]