Electromagnetic Nihilism: Powerless Heroes of a Flat World

Dimes and Judas review the first few parts of the documentary The Lost History of Flat Earth, an multi-part 6-hour investigation on everything from the secret global mud flood to gravity being a lie. They use this as a springboard to seriously discuss the philosophy of nihilism, primarily citing the books “Nihilism” by Nolen Gertz […]

#151 – The Joe Rogan/Joe Biden Body Swap Theory [n0de557]

The BOLG Boyz kick the can around about trolling Richard Spencer at 3 AM as the New York Times, the practicality of having a multi-generational family home when every other generation sucks, a recent debate where someone defended being a cuckold as achieving divinity, and Arthur Shopenhauer’s work The World as Will and Representation in […]

#149 – Guy With Neutral Face Bashfully Looking Off Camera [leafscore]

 Dimes and Judas discuss the recent racially-motivated attack on a Christmas parade in Waukesha, connecting that to the recent Ahmaud Arbery trial and discussing the wider role of guns where Rights meets Action (understanding that the people have guns is to use them, not just as some abstract principle.) They also review the latest […]

#147 – 9999 y/o Anti Horny Blast & Last [metaverse extension]

 Judas and Dimes discuss leaving it all for the farm life, changing Canadian food prices, and reinventing the world of food hygiene. They then spend around half the episode exploring and unpacking the recent Kyle Rittenhouse trial as well as the Sines Vs. Kessler Charlottesville Protest trial. Also discussed is living in a limestone […]

An Imperium Mannerbunded Against Itself

In possibly the most contentious topic yet broached, Dimes and Judas have a 3-episode arc unpacking the concept of “brother wars,” rethinking previous positions, and generally trying to get to the bottom of what causes all the self-destruction in many political movements. Using the books Albion’s Seed by David Fischer and American Nations by Colin […]

Propaganda: Literally What Even Actually Is It?

Dimes [Sex Universe] and Judas [Mood Universe] discuss the book Propaganda by Jacques Ellul, a real life French person. They pull a couple examples from exciting headlines and discuss how many examples of modern propaganda – both in the mainstream and in dissident scenes – amount to inferior ideological advertising. Taken from Episode #146 – […]

#146 – Ray Straighter and the Horny Orient [blyatleej]

Dimes [sex universe] and Judas [mood universe] discuss what to say when you are being stabbed, and the book Propaganda by Jacques Ellul to explain how propaganda actually works with examples pulled from modern schizo politics. Additionally, they review the movies Lamb and The Pond, the book Ringworld, Trans Dimes and the Rope Review, and […]

Linkolan State of Mind

Dimes and Judas discuss the book “Can Life Prevail?” the radical ecological work by Pentti Linkola, exploring the cold realities presented by preserving diverse ecosystems and taking environmental stewardship seriously. Taken from Episode #145 – Pain Relies on Context and Cues. References: Can Life Prevail?: https://bit.ly/3mwXS4m Game Clips: Interdimensional Hiking: https://bit.ly/3mzFgRe There Was The Moon: https://bit.ly/3w6DnhU hammer_space: https://bit.ly/3bzoRpw

#145 – Pain Relies on Context and Cues [sensiblechuckle.mp4 [300.8GB)]

After introducing the new voice mod technology that will bring this show into the 22nd century, Dimes and Judas dive into Pentti Linkola and his radical view on environmentalism and what some might describe as ecofascism. They then conclude the 3-episode arc regarding brother wars, the ethnic history of America, the book Albion’s Seed by […]

#144 – Callbacks Over Touchgrassastan [cancerz4closers]

After exploring online reviews for VHS tape rewinders, Dimes and Judas add an addendum to the last episode on the topic of “brother wars” and delve into conflicting ancestor worship and historical European infighting and sabotage with far-right figure Zoltanous as an example. Also discussed is how to scientifically judge the greatest penis on Earth, […]

Rockstar Dissidents & The Cults of Laurel Canyon

Dimes and Judas perpetrate some greatshameful internet bullying on the No Retreat movement in Canada, using it as a launchpad to discuss the book Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon by David McGowan and the popularity of mentally unwell narcissists with the CIA as well as other powerful subversive organizations. Taken from Episode #142 – Excitement […]