#150 – I am Merely a Configuration of Debt and Grief [managerialskeetlite]

Judas and Dimes talk about living in your car as a door to door salesman, the shame of being a fan of both Dilbert and Rancid, and making abortion illegal (overturning roe v wade) while immediately having to figure out what to do with the influx of orphans and swamp babies (never solved the central problem of women just throwing kids into the street.) The whole last part is discussing the book The Forever War by Joe Haldeman and connecting that to The Managerial Elite by James Burnham, kicking off a whole discussion about who holds the sovereign control in modern society, the centralization of power into government institutions and NGOs, and how this class of bureaucrats are connected neither to the people nor a prime civilizational orientation. You’ll like it, or won’t.

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