An Imperium Mannerbunded Against Itself

In possibly the most contentious topic yet broached, Dimes and Judas have a 3-episode arc unpacking the concept of “brother wars,” rethinking previous positions, and generally trying to get to the bottom of what causes all the self-destruction in many political movements. Using the books Albion’s Seed by David Fischer and American Nations by Colin Woodard, the fellas use the distinct British Folkways that developed America and the subsequent American history as both a definition of what makes a “people,” what causes these people of similar ideologies and ethnic makeup to attempt to annihilate each other, and what happens to these struggled when amplified by time, technology, geography, and even global hegemonic dominance. Dimes outlines the fundamental realities that are baked into this cake, and attempts to reconcile them into a holistic worldview of how to move forward.

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