#107 – Kaizen Event in the Wapspace [whoapilled]

It’s a real pumpkin pie of a few different things, mainly talking about OnlyFans and the forces driving the “whore economy,” but also talking about the Matrix movies, Order of the Nine Angles and how Federal Agents entrap the mentally ill in terrorist plots, foot fetishism leading to necrophilia, and something about intelligent design I think.

11:00 – Ritual Scenario Over Character Development
18:30 – A Remake of A Tribute to an Omage
24:24 – Hubba Hubba
26:15 – Collosi of Clout; Fed Entrapment and Rabbi Hate Crimes
42:15 – Blind Faith in the Metamorphosis of Caterpillars to Foxes
52:47 – Anonymous Activism Locked out of Bitcoin
57:30 – Onlyfans and their Simps

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