#181 – The Relentless Persuasion of the 2Xth/st Century [“Roastie Toastie Feeling Sad in the Dartboard”]

In this episode Dimes and Judas go off on the history of Patient Zero in relation to the spread of AIDS, Harvey Milk Dent, and the practicality of pitting a cool regional serfdom against a digital internationalist serfdom. They then review the recently released Handbook of Hate Memes, dissecting its conflicting internal claims and the […]

Christopher Sandbatch Interview

This edition of The Copepranos Society features Christopher Sandbatch of Esoterica Americana fame. He and Dimes delve into the mythology surrounding America’s own Andrew Jackson, building an intricate case that he was misguided about central banks, inadvertently caused the Civil War, and basically everything you know about American history is wrong.

#180 – MAGA Milf Attending the Heaven’s Gate Cult at Disney World [BULLPEN – GENE HACKMAN (V.O.)]

The BOLG Boyz are over the moon about making The Woman King the new Morbius and discuss how to create the Slavery Extended Universe, then Judas chops it up about the Farmer protest going on in the Netherlands and everything you need to know about Nitrogen (especially the climate policies being employed to have the […]