#181 – The Relentless Persuasion of the 2Xth/st Century [“Roastie Toastie Feeling Sad in the Dartboard”]

In this episode Dimes and Judas go off on the history of Patient Zero in relation to the spread of AIDS, Harvey Milk Dent, and the practicality of pitting a cool regional serfdom against a digital internationalist serfdom. They then review the recently released Handbook of Hate Memes, dissecting its conflicting internal claims and the apparent ineffectiveness of so-called radicalizing content against the collected speeches of Kai Murros, discussing what makes a good speech unique and how to properly rile up the 21st Century Schizoid Man. Lastly, on this edition of Coperanos Society, Dimes sits down with the great Cultured Thug, founder of the New Frontier Organization and host of Ronin Report. Mr. Thug sets the record straight on Third Positionism, his time as a pioneering voice of far-right content, and the current state of right-wing political movements.

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