#178: Abortionocaustolypse Carpaccio [“Forming of her soft footfalls in public or the entire world”]

A day late and a dollar richer, Dimes and Judas get around to rounding up all the Roe V. Wade opinions that are fit to print and wade into more conspiratorial waters as is demanded by the Economy of Takes. They also discuss the anti-responsibility horror movie Men and body-horror bureaucracy blockbuster Crimes of the Future, relating it to the book “The Human Use of Human Beings” by Norbert Weiner and the parallels between the human brain and cybernetics regarding creating messages that defy the constant entropy demanded by the universe. After breaking down the intricate process of crafting communications for perfect replication and the marriage of human and machine, Dimes sits down to speak with the founder of Imperium Press, Mike. The conversation is rewarding for both men and women of all seasons, delving into the importance of accurate translation of older written works, the synthesizing of Western monotheism and paganism, revitalizing traditionalism in the 21st century, and all the books you should be reading to fix your stupid idiot mind.
Music from James Peers: https://bit.ly/3mhsANP

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