#179 – KSSSSSH President Brandon, I’m Dark CIA

After discussing the recent bird news and the foiled marriage of Shinzo Abe at the Georgia Guidestones, Dimes and Judas deeply unpack a recent controversy kicked up by Scott Adams on broken children and how he would deal with hopeless teenagers, framed around the recent Highland Park Fourth of July massacre. Dimes then heaps on the data and discusses the book “The Information” by James Gleick, which breaks down the multidisciplinary field of information theory and the ultimate merging of thought, engineering, and biology. It is here we learn the full breadth of what information is and how it influences our physical reality. In the last segment, The Copepranos Society features Canada’s own Dr. Ricardo Duchesne where they discuss the unique Faustian spirit of the Western man, global multipolarity, fighting for the identity of European Canadians, and how the discussion of the Great Replacement is being handled by academia.

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