#183 – Garrulousness that Breaks from Reality [“hateplane now that’s a based on about perfect people as a taste it”]

Dimes and Judas dive right into the recent FBI investigation to Donald Trump, including the aftermath of Trump supporters taking direct actions, leading into a discussion of what current political groups can do to offer an alternative to shootouts with the police when you feed them daily updates about how the system is corrupt. They then connect this to an investigation of how mentally ill and psychologically corrupted people not only infect idealistic organizations but also hijack the power for their own evil purposes, citing the book “Political Ponerology: The Science of Evil, Psychopathy, and the Origins of Totalitarianism” by Andrew M. Lobaczewski. Lastly, on the Copepranos Society, Dimes takes some time to speak with noteworthy friend of the show Zoltanous, who details his own fascinating time from the bowels of various inverted and corrupted political organizations, a defense of corporatism, and his take on what everyone gets wrong about the deeper philosophy of Fascism.

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