#185 – A Gun That Makes LIMINAL SMUG 20021

In this XXL sode, Dimes and Judas report on the recent sexual downfall of Communism’s Caleb Maupin, the firing of bloated MSM attack dog Brian Stelter, and the mass banning of Dick Masterson’s special needs son, Andrew Tate. After sneaking in a series of tightwire-takes on the assassination of Dugin’s daughter, the BOLG boys discuss the book “Tri Faith America: How Catholics and Jews Held Postwar America to Its Protestant Promise” by Kevin Schultz. Here Dimes tells the ill-fated story of how Catholic and Jewish minorities united to dethrone Protestantism in post-WW2 America, united to create a state-and-advertiser supported campaign for this new thing called Judeo-Christianity, and all the methods they used to pave the way for the civil rights struggles that define America today. Lastly on the Copepranos Society, they have a lively and joyous discussion with the great Gio Pennacchietti (AKA GiantGio) wherein they discuss the cultural significance of Nu Metal, the power of political aesthetics, and the essentiality of beauty for a thriving human system.

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