Christmas Declaration of War on NGOs

Dimes and Judas – the People’s Bad Optics Leaf Gods – get locked into an extended strategy sesh on how certain political opponents are bad at holding power when left to their own devices, while citing events such as the doxing of LibsOfTikTok and an exploration into how the Wikimedia Foundation funds subversive political organizations. […]

#200 – Margaritae Magno Pretio [“booster injections in my revolver”]

On this 200th episode and the last episode of 2022, Dimes and Judas celebrate nothing and opt instead to rekindle a suitably autistic internet debate on the practicality of tanks in 21st century combat in the interest of creating a more fluid army. The then discuss the causes and implications of the recent mass shooting […]

A Shroomed Scuba Diver’s Guide to Phenomenology

Dimes takes a heroic swing at exploring Phenomenology, citing the book “Husserl’s Phenomenology” by Dan Zahavi, explaining what this holistic philosophical framework is, what it isn’t, and how it is applicable to how you interact with the world. Is there an ontological difference between physical reality and your imagination? The answer will shock and dizzy […]

#199 – It’s Joever for the Dissidump Right [“sodium millenial chat”]

This episode sees Dimes and Judas exploring what it is like to be an elite, what it takes to become one, and how to effectively marry your daughter off to crowbar your way into the higher echelons of society while behaving like the Addams Family. Afterward they discuss the slow-motion breakdown of Jordan Peterson and […]

#198 – Slap a Skeleton on that Zamn and Get You a Zamnboney [“empire for optimal outcomes”]

As Dimes brazenly fills himself to the brim with Monster and beef jerky, he and Judas weave together several news stories – including Brittney Griner’s release from Russian prison, the upcoming Canadian ban on all firearms, and Trudeau’s defense of Chinese anti-lockdown protests – to create a unifying critique on Capital D Democracy. Not long […]

#197 – Billions Must Mikes [“big redline for all.”]

After discussing a groundbreaking study on the relation between mental disability and breast size, Dimes and Judas speak on the mainstreaming of antisemitism by Kanye West in conjunction with the wider discourse on Satanism kicked off by the Balenciaga child abuse scandal. After a serious review of the video game Scorn, they then explore the […]