#197 – Billions Must Mikes [“big redline for all.”]

After discussing a groundbreaking study on the relation between mental disability and breast size, Dimes and Judas speak on the mainstreaming of antisemitism by Kanye West in conjunction with the wider discourse on Satanism kicked off by the Balenciaga child abuse scandal. After a serious review of the video game Scorn, they then explore the book “The Society of Mind” by Marvin Minsky. Here they learn how the human mind constructs itself, the intricate network that constitutes both memory and thought, and finally what the hell a K Line is. Lastly on this edition of Copepranos Society, Dimes talks with old friend Eald Graegwulf, our man on the ground in the exciting world of ecofascism/deep ecology. Here they go deep into the practical philosophy of Pentti Linkola, the ecologist’s ideal anti-technology society, and various environmental activist scandals over the past few decades.

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