#200 – Margaritae Magno Pretio [“booster injections in my revolver”]

On this 200th episode and the last episode of 2022, Dimes and Judas celebrate nothing and opt instead to rekindle a suitably autistic internet debate on the practicality of tanks in 21st century combat in the interest of creating a more fluid army. The then discuss the causes and implications of the recent mass shooting by an angry Vaughan condo dweller, and provide a review of Banshees of Inisherin, the Dimes Kino Pick of the year. Rather than review a notable book, the hosts get locked into an extended strategy sesh on how certain political opponents are bad at holding power when left to their own devices, and how one might employ a skeleton crew to politically dismantle a wide variety of non-profits and NGOs. Lastly on this edition of The Copepranos Society, we see a profoundly cozy talk between Dimes and Hwitgeard, a popular figure in the sphere of both Paganism and Anglo Saxon history. They discuss a range of topics including an end to conflict between Christians and Pagans, how one lives like a heathen in everyday life, and a defense of individualism within the European identity. Assume the Podcast Position and get some cider because this is IT.

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