#203 – We Stan Landlords And Radio Silence [“you couldn’t turn sixteen year forest”]

The BOLG Boyz hit the ground running after taking a week off due to disease, making up for lost time by hitting the ground running with Con Drama between Steven Crowder and The Daily Wire and what this means for Contract Race, how to defend against knife-wielding teenage girls in Toronto, and the inevitability of […]

#202 – The West Is In The Mail [“pure quebecois phenotype”]

Dimes and Judas run through a short greatest hits of documentary series Soft White Underbelly while discussing how to raise a child, so they do not end up on Soft White Underbelly. They then dive into geopolitical analyst Peter Zaihan and his predictions of China’s imminent downfall, while contrasting with Judas’ lived experience on the […]

#201 – Follow Coffee Christ to Lebensreturn [“humour or TV or infertile Naww”]

Dimes and Judas cover the breakingest news on Scott Adams having a delusional breakdown, Andrew Tate being arrested for sex trafficking, and the true meaning behind the news concerning Canada barring foreign investment in real estate. After recounting what appears to be a plot by the Chinese government to track Judas across international borders, they […]