#201 – Follow Coffee Christ to Lebensreturn [“humour or TV or infertile Naww”]

Dimes and Judas cover the breakingest news on Scott Adams having a delusional breakdown, Andrew Tate being arrested for sex trafficking, and the true meaning behind the news concerning Canada barring foreign investment in real estate. After recounting what appears to be a plot by the Chinese government to track Judas across international borders, they explore the work of Joseph de Maistre citing “Major World Vol. 1” and the central arguments such as establishing what sovereignty is from an ontological perspective, how the French Revolution caused positive martyrdom, and why attempting to fill sovereignty with the wrong people leads to disaster. Finally on this edition of the Copepranos Society, we replay Dimes’ appearance on Prudentialist’s fun-packed New Year’s Eve stream where he is joined by Paul Fahrenheidt, GiantGio, John Dee, and Semiogogue. It’s all WELL and GOOD.

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