#203 – We Stan Landlords And Radio Silence [“you couldn’t turn sixteen year forest”]

The BOLG Boyz hit the ground running after taking a week off due to disease, making up for lost time by hitting the ground running with Con Drama between Steven Crowder and The Daily Wire and what this means for Contract Race, how to defend against knife-wielding teenage girls in Toronto, and the inevitability of a fully united Canada/US/Mexico bloc (The CUM Zone) including what this means for trade and identity. This leads into a discussion of the book “Madness & Civilization” by Michel Foucault, a famous work by an infamously sadomasochistic homosexual elite that seeks to trace the history of this thing we call madness, and most importantly how our relationship with insanity changed over the centuries through the age of mass confinement to the current era of unceasing psychological incarceration. Lastly on this edition of The Copepranos Society, Dimes speaks with Anglo Ortho on the debate between particularism vs universalism in regards to ideology, the inescapability of post-enlightenment thinking, and why Radiohead is actually a really good band that are unfairly maligned by small minded ghouls.

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