#204 – All PAWGz Go To Heaven [“ilu in the charismatic pastor who thinks you get anything”]

This week, Dimes and Judas discuss Lindsay Clancy’s murder of her children and all the young moms defending her actions online, the unavoidable future of exponentially-degenerating AI porn cartels, and a review of the historical fish-out-of-water witch film “You Won’t Be Alone.” Then the boyz dive into the book “Seeing Like a State” by James C. Scott, an anarchist-friendly accounting of case studies pulled from a variety of cultures and eras detailing how state-orchestrated projects to centralize their power and organize society have frequently ended in catastrophe, and if they succeed, how they irrevocably change the people forever. Lastly on this edition of The Copepranos Society, Dimes sits down with old friend The Fascifist, a delightfully controversial figure in the Dissident Right who is waging a spiritual war against race-idolatry, Liberalism, and Atlanticism.

3 comments on “#204 – All PAWGz Go To Heaven [“ilu in the charismatic pastor who thinks you get anything”]

  1. fdadasda February 6, 2023 / Reply

    The last 2 guests where horrible with bad takes that are not based on the day to day reality of normal people, even more so when they have kids.
    By the way, it takes like 3 years of regular reading of theology n stuff and hanging out with preferably orthos at their 2h mass to get sick of religion and enter a whole new level of being jaded / cynical aka. having a realistic perspective on the world.
    This is based on my observations and talks with some monks that knew a whole lot of people that got into the faith as adults.
    Religious people are just pleasant to deal with in most cases but always have flawed opinions that might have horrible consequences for them.
    For every person “saved” by the faith there are also a whole lot that really got messed up by it, wich is a massive rabbit hole.

    Also, never trust a curry nibber, they are even worse then high end anglos

    • Blood $atellite February 11, 2023 / Reply

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. While many of the guests on the show we agree with, there are some we do not, especially not on every point of belief. More than anything we try to cover a wide range of perspectives we think are nonetheless interesting, especially if they provide context on some of the larger topics we discuss. I hope you will continue to give us a chance as we branch out into some unfamiliar terrain.

      • dasdashhfd February 13, 2023 / Reply

        I should have added something positive in that comment too:
        The first half of the shows are always amazing and the book reviews are outstanding. You nudged me into getting a copy of nudge.

        Regarding the topic of guests: It would be amazing to find a guest who is sceptical about religion but still has appreciation for the spiritual and is aware of basic 19th century biology as well as the inhuman stuff europeans have had to endure in the past that should never be a case again.
        I know that Adam Greene? exists and that there are all kinds of atheist types out there but they tend to have horrible ideas / arguments to such a degree that it’s hard to see if it’s stupidity, malice or both that they paddle.
        There is that one Quantum of Conscience Matt McKinley? guy from King of Prussia Pensilvania who comes close to that description but he also has his flaws.
        Maybe topics regarding meaning, religion, spirituality and such are simply way to hard to tackle since it takes a lot of research, trauma and a specific character to figure out new “more correct” ideas, so it’s hard to find someone on the cutting edge of that. Oh and such a guy would 100% piss off a lot of people so there isn’t a lot of money in it and would keep a low profile in any case =/

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