#207 – I Only See One Colour The Pregnant Man Colour [“consensus across the princess of hardship”]

Dimes and Judas discuss the academic legitimization of chemsex, Aboriginals in Canada getting 40 billion dollars to kill their own children faster, and Tindr as a dysgenics program. After a recounting of how Dimes took just 4 days to become an insane colonial warlord in the cannibal survival game The Forest, they climb into the history of Rome through the book “Dying Every Day: Seneca at the Court of Nero” by James Romm. Here they explain the notorious reign of Emperor Nero and his relationship with his tutor, famed Stoic philosopher Seneca, a tale of dynastic treachery and a preposterous amount of poisoning while in search of the very first Rationalist Emperor. Lastly, on this edition of The Copepranos Society, Dimes speaks with John Carter of Postcards From Barsoom fame, delving into the masculinity crisis in higher academia, pimps being gay, and how to create a better 21st century man.

1 comment on “#207 – I Only See One Colour The Pregnant Man Colour [“consensus across the princess of hardship”]

  1. Zorro11 March 2, 2023 / Reply

    You guys sound cool most of the time. But still pussies going to get fucked hard by the dysgenics you so blithely disregard. You’re almost but not quite aware of the world. You’re more than halfway out of the matrix. Keep going. The trick to getting the last little ways out of the control grid? Being fearless of what thoughts you might have or what truths you might discover, no matter the implications for your social standing or virtue signalling. If its truth, it doesn’t matter what the implications are to your social circle. Get rid of the loser friends who can’t accept said truth. Putting truth as an asymptotic goal of fine grained improvement over a lifetime, as the most important priority, and having the integrity to follow any lead, no matter how distasteful, no matter where the rabbit hole goes, no matter if it turns you into a so called ‘neo-nazi’ if thats what it takes, is the only way to having freedom of thought. If you can’t mentally go to the place that would mean you might be called mean names by those stuck in the matrix, then you will never be free of it.

    IMO ultimately the elite status guys having more children may or may not be exactly what the world needs. I’m unsure on this one. I think it might possibly be the cure to the r/K demographic changes. The rise of ‘culls and incels’ coincides with r/K theory postulates surrounding excess food supply over many generations creating masculinezed characteristics in women, and feminine characteristics in men. Women may have naturally occuring instincts for the rist of ‘r-selected’ males and it might just be hypergamy on the scale we are witnessing. Its not just womens fault per se. Its biology quite possibly. You should really research this more, as even mainstream Family and Societal researchers such as Belsky et al. are using r/k theory postulates in their own theories surrounding the demographic changes we are witnessing.

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