#208 – Dondabert [“no rizz lmao EVEN with me”]

Dimes and Judas look into what happened with that whole monkeypox thing, Scott Adams leveraging money and suicidality to become a public race realist, Alberta making it legal to shoot federal agents going through your trash, and he saga of an omnireligious Good Ol Southern Antifa Methman who fought in Ukraine and immediately fled to Russia. They then take a detour into Viking history, citing the book “The Sea Wolves: A History of the Vikings” by Lars Brownworth, where they trace the principal Norse migrations throughout the world, glance upon their beliefs, and tally how the lasting impact The Great Heathen Army had forever altered the DNA of the European people. Lastly, on this edition of The Coporanos Society, a recent appearance Dimes made on Surviving Weimerika where he and 3stacks discuss how to solve for antisocial personalities in political movements, and the value of establishing secret societies. It’s a wonderful time to have!

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